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A subreddit for gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

Linux, GNU/Linux, free software...

All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system.

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A subreddit for Linux enthusiasts. Nu-Reddit Mobile Users:

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Linus invented Linux. Linus is the Non-Existent Self-Proclaimed Pagan God of the cult Linii. Has the powers to bestow jobs onto members of his cult, making them carry out sacred duties and occult practices. These duties include giving Linus handjobs, blowjobs, getting bdsmed by Linus among other things. These divine practices are sacramental and must be carried out with pride. Any member of ... 小型 Linux 單一 KVM host 的安裝,還有管理員態度的小整理~其實就是將基礎篇的最終訓練拿來實做出一個未來可用的環境囉! 小型雲系統與主機安全強化流程 : 2018/01/18: Linux: 先來談談伺服器篇裡面的鳥哥的夢想~希望做一個小型的機房架構~希望大家能夠管理整個機房!希望大家能夠處理好企業 ... Linux 最為人所稱道的即是其多人多工的能力,你可以在任何時刻連線上來你的 Linux 主機,並且同時做很多的工作,例如同時執行 http 的 Web 功能,同時進行 fortran 等程式語言的編輯,並同時上網聊天!你會懷疑, Windows 98 也可以做到這樣的地步呀!不過,不要忘了,在 Linux 的系統下,你所做的任何 ... Linux 系統中的 /etc/fstab 這個檔案是紀錄開機過程中會自動掛載的設備,有時候因為某些因素(例如格式化硬碟等),系統管理者會在開機過後手動 umount 某些設備,如果想要一次把 /etc/fstab 中所有的設備都掛載上去的話,可以用 mount 加上 -a 參數,以下是一個範例: 假設 /etc/fstab 的內容如下: # proc ... 第二部分 Linux 檔案、目錄與磁碟格式. 安裝完了 Linux 之後,接著下來自然就是要使用他了!我們在 開機與關機及簡易指令操作 稍微說明了指令下達的方法,以及指令線上查詢的方式, 因此您可以輕易的使用指令列模式來進行諸多的動作與工作。 那麼接著下來呢?

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¿Qué es Linux? - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ecco la procedura semplice, veloce e a prova di inesperto per installare #Linux su un vecchio computer portatile. La distro (distribuzione) scelta per il #tu... OpenSUSE review and demo, including installation, YaST, installing apps, and using the KDE Plasma and Enlightenment desktops. You can learn more about the Od... This hackintosh isn't a hacintosh... it's actually a Linux PC running macOS as a virtualized OS. And it's fast. Like, really fast. Manjaro KDE Plasma: https:... 🐧 Linux está en todas partes. Desde computadoras de escritorio, smartphones, automóviles, supercomputadoras, servidores y hasta en Windows (Si leíste bien, W...